Worship at Canterbury

At Canterbury, we offer three different worship services. Each service has a unique style, but all three offer a welcoming atmosphere, inspiring music, sermons that strengthen the faith, and Methodist tradition rooted in Wesleyan theology.

New Traditions Worship Service.jpg

New Traditions

8:15 AM

This warm Communion service offers a spirit of openness and joy but also a commitment to worshipping God through formalized liturgy that points attendees in a good direction for the coming week. Following the scripture reading and sermon, persons of all ages and life stages are invited to participate in Holy Communion and remember your baptism each week. Every service is a fresh encounter with God as we join together in these spiritual practices. This service is held in the smallest worship venue on campus, which creates an intimate setting as worshippers freely interact with one another. 

Traditional Worship Service.jpg

Sanctuary Worship

10:30 AM

This service is rooted in the tradition of American Methodism with an emphasis on music and the spoken word. It is held in one of the most magnificent sanctuaries in the city of Birmingham, which aids worshippers in focusing their sole attention on God throughout the service. Preaching interweaves lectionary passages and special series focused on Biblical life application. Sanctuary worship is child-friendly and offers a warm atmosphere of welcome to all.

Contemporary Worship Service.jpg

Contemporary Worship

10:30 AM
Canterbury Center

Contemporary Worship at Canterbury is a modern worship experience that features a talented band and a media-rich worship environment. This service is held in the Canterbury Center, a state-of-the-art modern worship venue that invites worshippers into God’s presence with contemporary music and messages that speak to the needs of people today. It is a family-friendly service that is both warm and inviting.