About sunday school

Sunday School is a great place to get to know people and develop relationships with people in the same life stages.  Join us every Sunday at 9:15 AM for a variety of classes offered to any age. Feel free to visit different classes to find the one that fits you. For help finding an adult Sunday school class, contact Annie Skinner at 868-6580 or annie.skinner@canterburyumc.org.

Children's Sunday School

Canterbury has a variety of Sunday School classes for children ages 2 years - 6th grade. The Children's Ministry at Canterbury United Methodist is broken up into the following age groups that are designed to help your child learn and grow as they begin their spiritual walk.

  • Nursery (6 weeks - 4 years)

  • Preschool (3K - 4K)

  • Elementary (K5 - 3rd Grade)

  • Upper Elementary (4th - 5th Grade)

  • RISE (6th Grade)

To learn more about Children at Canterbury, please visit the Children's Ministry page.

Youth Sunday School

Sunday mornings are times when we dive deep into the Bible. Students begin each morning with announcements and then break into four classes: 7th grade, 8th grade, 9th grade, and Senior High.

To learn more about Youth at Canterbury, please visit the Youth Ministry page.

Adult Sunday School Classes



50s - 60s
Married & Single


This is a very open class that enjoys Bible study as well as book studies dealing with the application of Christian principles and theology to daily living. Class participants are encouraged to read during the week, and members volunteer to lead the discussion in class. Active discussion is a hallmark of this class —members enjoy full discussion in a free and congenial environment. No perspective reigns above others.


Bible Study Dialogue

Married & single


This is a small class that enjoys studying the Bible using various resources.Regular teachers/class members lead discussion centered around Biblical topics.Topics might also include current events as related to a Christian outlook.The class participates in varied service projects and occasional social gatherings.


45 - 50s
Married, Many with Children


This is a small class of married couples that shares the journey through life raising children.



Late 30s - Mid 40s
Married, raising children

wesley hall

This is a discussion based class led by various members on a rotating basis. They seek to become better Disciples of Christ through the study of scripture and its application to the challenges of daily life. They are using the Compass of God to help find their spiritual path during a hectic, pressure-filled stage of life.


Married & Single


This is a group of single and married young professionals in their late 20s to early 30s. They meet on Sunday mornings for refreshments and fellowship with discussion based study facilitated by various class members. They also meet one weeknight each week for fellowship at their homes, events, and other venues.



50s - 70s
Married & Single


This class has regular teachers who lead through the Adult Bible Studies series. The class has monthly fellowship dinners and is involved in local outreach ministries including Church of the Reconciler, Cornerstone School, BHN, and Festival of Three Kings.

Crawford Owen

60s - 80s
Married & Single


This class has four regular teachers who rotate and teach on a variety of topics of their choosing. In addition to a Christmas brunch and Spring party, the class celebrates communion in the chapel on Easter and the Sunday before Christmas. Outreach Activities Include: Brown Bag; Little Brown Bag; Altar Guild; Birmingham Hospitality Network; Firehouse Shelter. Individual outreach interests include Carpenter's Hands, United Methodist Women, Wednesday night dinners, homebound communion, and delivering plants to homebound.



Married & Single


Formats vary between lecture, discussion and Bible study, and they often have guest facilitators. Study topics range over a wide variety of subjects and are chosen by group consensus.

Fellowship Too



This class enjoys various series led by guest teachers. Recent studies include Being Methodist in the Bible Belt and a study of Holy Communion. They are regularly involved in BHN and the Firehouse Shelter.





This is a nurturing, fun-loving class of parents who meet to support one another as we grow our own faith as well as strive to encourage spiritual growth in our children. We represent varying stages in our faith journey and all levels of scriptural knowledge. Our class format is a combination of organized Bible study with "kitchen table" discussions led by our two inspiring class mentors. Guest speakers lead as well from time to time. Regular socials and family outings are planned to encourage friendship and a sense of community.


40s - 60s
Married & Single


This class has been a vital part of adult learning at Canterbury UMC for many years. It is lecture style, but participation is encouraged. Subjects are of interest to the people leading discussion and to the people in the class. Each lesson always has a scriptural foundation.



55 - 80s
Married & Single


This is a large class which was founded in 1957. Class lectures are based on the Adult Bible Series and special lessons prepared by our regular teachers. Prior to our class meeting each Sunday, our members enjoy socializing with coffee and treats provided by our ladies. We celebrate the Christmas season with a class gathering for brunch or lunch.


Married & Single


Lessons are discussion based and are facilitated by various members of the class. Video studies are often used. They also meet monthly for weeknight dinner in member’s homes.


Manly Yeilding Dialogue

70s - 80s
Married & Single


This class has adopted a Faith-Action focus, with the overall themes of Theology, Spiritual Life, Social Justice and Ecological Justice. Class discussions are loosely focused in this framework. We enjoy occasional socials and mission workdays together.


Married & Single


This intergenerational Sunday school class welcomes visitors from all walks of life. Participants are encouraged to explore many different paths along their journey with Christ, based on the variety of perspectives. The diverse ages, experiences, and points of view allow them to explore their own faith through biblical study (and often through laughter) while learning from members who may provide new perspectives. Pathways class discussions are facilitated by different volunteers from the class each week, and are led by guest speakers from time to time.



Late 40s+
Married, Raising Children


This class is made up of members from varying denominational backgrounds and hometowns, providing many different perspectives as they “Seek” to better understand the life God has given them. Issues or questions relevant to members are identified to help build the curriculum. Members are actively engaged a variety of programs at Canterbury, and they seek to make the class a forum for communication on how to connect into these programs and other ministries available at Canterbury.


Mid 40s - 70s


Using a variety of teachers throughout the year, the format of this class changes constantly from discussion to lecture to Bible Study. Our speakers include ministers from Canterbury, recommended teachers from the church, and representatives from other churches and other religions.


Young Adults (YASS)

20s - 30s
Single & Married


YASS meets on Sunday mornings and has various social events centered around building a community of believers in Jesus Christ. The content is generally facilitated by class leaders Carmen and Trey Echols. The studies focus on contemporary application of principles taught from both the New and Old testaments with specific focus on Jesus, his disciples, and Apostles. Conversations are dynamic and interactive. They help drive dialogue around key issues that young adults and parents will face in growing deeper into adulthood.