The Season of Lent | Dr. Andy Wolfe

Richard Chartres has written that “Lent is the springtime of the Church year, a period of preparation for Easter. God’s gift to us in the resurrection of Jesus Christ and the sending of the Spirit is life in all its fullness, but we know that there remains an undertow in daily life which carries us away into negativity and forgetfulness. Our lives become old again. We need an annual review.”   Another writer refers to Lent as a time for spring cleaning.  It is a time to sweep away the cobwebs and remove the clutter that we have accumulated in life.
Lent offers us this time to review and renew.  It is based on the 40 days that Jesus spent in prayer and preparation in the wilderness and during the 40 days of Lent, Christians join Jesus on retreat. We enter a special season of reflection, prayer, and spiritual redirection.  We spiritually make a pilgrimage to the cross with Jesus in order that we might come to experience his love more fully.  Lent gives us the opportunity to practice the disciplines of faith that bring us closer to God:  worship, prayer, fasting, special acts of giving and service.
At Canterbury, our Lenten journey together will focus on prayer.  The sermon series will look at The Lord’s Prayer, which is a model for all of our prayer.  This season of spiritual renewal begins this week on ASH WEDNESDAY.  There will be services at Noon in the Chapel and at 6:00 PM in the Sanctuary.
It is my prayer that as a congregation we will covenant together a specific way to make this a time of spiritual growth for our entire congregation.  I invite you to covenant together to:
•Pray daily.
•Read the scriptures daily using the bookmark guide provided. 
•Attend worship weekly and receive Holy Communion frequently.
•Engage in acts of service (such as assisting an elderly neighbor, sending notes of encouragement, etc).