About Lay Leadership at Canterbury

Without question, one of Canterbury's greatest strengths is its people. The people of Canterbury represent a broad cross section of skills, talents, and gifts that they bring from all walks of life.

Healthy leadership is critical to the effectiveness of any organization, and Canterbury is no exception. Each Canterburian has spiritual gifts that are vital to Jesus’ world, and Canterbury is fortunate to have a team of talented lay leaders who help drive our mission forward.

Elected lay leadership at Canterbury works with the pastor and senior staff to fulfill the mission and vision of the congregation in an advisory capacity. There are so many opportunities at Canterbury to put your spiritual gifts into action. Contact us for more information on ways that you can make a difference in our church and community.

Lay Leaders

Kevin Alexander
Lay Leader
kjadmd@gmail.com | 205.777.7146

Leon Ashford
Leader of Church Council
leon@hwnn.com | 205.871.2650

Lee Alice Estes
Co-Leader of Church Council
estes.leealice@gmail.com | 205.877.3495

David Fulmer
Team Leader for Finance
dfulmer6@yahoo.com | 205.394.5636

Mike Warren
Team Leader for Staff Parish

For a full listing of leadership at Canterbury United Methodist Church, please download the PDF below