Why is giving important?

The words “stewardship” and “giving” may make you cringe a little and that’s understandable. These are words we usually hear during the Fall and have been co-opted by the church to mean trying to persuade you to make a pledge each year. 

“Stewardship,” in the fullest sense of the word, is so much more than what you put on your financial commitment card. It shows how you take care of something that doesn’t belong to you but that you’ve been given responsibility for. The core purpose of stewardship or giving is to cultivate a spirit of generosity at the center of one’s life--to see the purpose of life not as focusing on ourselves, but turning ourselves outward. It’s to create a spirit of generosity with regard to our physical and financial possessions so that we are free to focus beyond ourselves--to understand that we are put here to help other people and make the world better for good in the process.

Stewardship is not about giving to the church. It is about a choice of how you will live your life.  Will you live it for yourself? Or, in an attitude of thankfulness and generosity, will you live it in service to God and others? May God grant us wisdom and courage in the stewardship choices of our lives.

Ways to Give

Give Online

Go green while giving in a safe, convenient format online. You also have the ability to choose between giving from your checking/savings account or from your debit/credit card.


Giving through Texting

Giving to Canterbury has never been easier. Click the button below to learn how to give through text. For questions, contact Jan Coats at 874-1551 or

We are grateful to God for His gift of life to us, and His unconditional love for us and for all of creation. In response to Jesus' command to love one another, we dedicate ourselves to the service of others. In order to love the Lord our God with all our hearts, souls, and minds, we give our lives in gratitude to Him.

By pledging a commitment of financial support, you are not only helping the congregation plan more wisely for the year, but it helps you with making and keeping promises, which is an important spiritual discipline. 

CUMC Foundation

The Canterbury United Methodist Foundation gives you the opportunity to serve future generations, making a difference in the lives of your children and your children’s children. The gift you make today will have an impact tomorrow. For more information on the Foundation, click here.