Funerals at Canterbury

Canterbury United Methodist Church is a faith-filled and caring congregation. Our Christian commitment is to be present to one another, in the name of Jesus, in every phase of life's journey, from baptism, confirmation, and Christian life to the hope of Resurrection with Christ.

The central doctrine of the Christian faith is the Resurrection. Christians affirm their common faith in their attitude toward death and in their witness of faith during this time. This booklet is recommended for study and reference for each member of the congregation to:

  • enhance our theological understanding of and preparedness for death.
  • aid us in the practical and personal preparations for death.
  • aid in funeral or memorial service preparations.
  • assist loved ones at that time.

The material is based on the United Methodist Book of Worship and outlines the specific policies and procedures of Canterbury United Methodist Church. 


If you or a loved one would like to have their final resting at Canterbury United Methodist Church, Canterbury is able to accommodate this request with two columbaria on our grounds.


For More Information, contact

Dr. Paul McCracken
Traditional Worship Coordinator | 205.874.1536