As you arrive on campus, follow the signs to the Visitor Parking at the Main Entrance. Welcome Guides will meet you there and help you find the classes and worship services you would like to attend. The Valet Ministry is available for people with mobility needs. Follow the signs to the covered entrance to the Chapel and the staff will park your car for you (no fees, no tips).

All children are welcome in worship! The sights, sounds, and interactions of worship are appropriate for every age. Clipboards with coloring pages are available for children to enjoy during the service. If a little one gets antsy or fussy, there are children’s rooms in the back of the worship spaces where parents can continue to watch worship while caring for their child. There is also excellent nursery care for children through 4 years old.

Sunday School classes have great variety in age, class size, and teaching style. On Sunday mornings, Welcome Guides can assist you with choosing a class and then walk you there and introduce you. You may also contact Ellen Thomas ( or Tori Hastings ( for more information. Click here to see a list of all adult Sunday morning classes.

Canterbury is a large church, and it can often be challenging to find your place in serving others. How do you match your interests, gifts, and time in a ministry that blesses others and brings you joy? One of the best ways to find a meaningful way to serve is through participating in the Live Your Strengths class. This highly interactive class is based on the Gallup Organization’s online StrengthsFinder assessment. Through this assessment, you will discover your top five God-given strengths. You can then explore how to claim and aim these strengths in your life, your work, and service of others. For more information on the StrenghtsFinder assessment, email Sheryl Thornton at

The Canterbury congregation is a caring and generous Christian community that loves one another and loves the surrounding community around us. We value close relationships, the study of scripture, education, and caring for those outside the church body, and are effective and efficient at carrying out the ministries of the church.

You will find a variety of attire on Sundays. Many people wear suits, yet many more dress casually. Wear what you are most comfortable in, and let your children wear what they like. Sunday mornings are about what we share, not what we wear!