This awesome 10 week couples study is offered to newlyweds married 2 years or less.  It begins on August 21st and is facilitated by Patti and Doug Williams and Elizabeth and Zac Riddle.  We meet in the leaders’ homes and share a delicious meal followed by discussion of tools to make communication in marriage more effective.  We promise great food, fellowship, and practical skills to help you make the most of your marriage!

Click here to register. 

$75 per couple, space is limited.


Below are some of the couples from past years who have completed this course in case you would like to ask them about their experience. We hope to see you in August!


Past participants

Garrett and Campbell Dunbar Scott, Austin and Katie Summers Clifton, Carter and Cady Minor Karras, Perry and Molly Stone Given, Corey and Amy Fall Funderburg, Coates and Lib Davis Covington, Wilson and Polly Manuel, Richard and Lucy Johnston Sanders, Ethan and Alex Kingsford Wright, David and Mary Frances McDougald Summerall, Adam and Alex French Yates, Graham and Lane Thomas Brown, Warren and Brooke Stisher Hoffman, Kevin and KayLi Norris Williams, Prince and Caroline Manuel DeBardeleben, Chad and Molly Cowley Elliott, Reese and Lauren Belcher Goode, Patrick and Lucy Lavette, Stewart and Mary Stivender Herndon, Nick and Brooke Drinkard Whatley