small group bible study 2019 CLASSES

We have a number of Small Groups that meet on and off the
Canterbury Campus during the week. 



Taught by Rev. Tori Hastings
Tuesdays, 7:30 a.m.

Wesley Hall


Core Disciples

Men's Bible Study Group

Wednesdays 6:30 a.m.

Room A127


Wednesday night classes

Join us for Family Dinner at Canterbury on Wednesdays! 
Served from 5:00 - 6:00 p.m. in Canterbury Hall.
Adults: $7   |    Youth & Children $3   |   Family Max $20

Real Grace, Real Love, Real Life
Starting Point Class
September 4 – September 18
Rev. Keith Thompson

In this 3-week class, you will learn the why of our church’s mission, the what of your next steps and the how of your participation with God’s mission in this community of faith to redeem the world!


Live Your Strengths
Starting Point Class
September 4 – October 2
Rev. Sheryl Thornton 

This highly interactive class is based on Gallup’s online StrengthsFinder assessment.  You will discover your top 5 strengths and explore how you can best use them in your relationships, work, and service to others.  Led by Rev. Sheryl Thornton, participants will have the opportunity for a personal consultation following the class.  Preregistration is required by … and is limited to 24 people.  Due to the cumulative natures of this class, attendance at all 5 sessions is strongly encouraged. 


Disciple Bible Study
Starting Point Class
September 4 – December 4
Mike and Perryn Carroll

Have you ever felt as if everyone knows more about the Bible than you? Have you ever tried to read the Bible and became overwhelmed? This class is for you. Over 24 weeks you will read a large percentage of the Bible, engage in lively and thoughtful discussions with fellow classmates, discover more about your spiritual gifts, and develop a deep appreciation for the book we call The Bible.


Meet Your Bible
Starting Point Class
October 16 – October 30
Annie Skinner 

Discover how to read your Study Bible as we explore different translations and the wide range of tools available to help you better understand the Bible. See how the Old and New Testaments reveal God’s story of redemption and your place within it.


Methodism 101
November 6 – November 20
Rev. Matthew Montgomery

As United Methodists, we have a beautiful history steeped in tradition, full of rich theology, accompanied with practical means of living as Jesus Christ’s disciples in the world.  Let’s rediscover our roots with John Wesley and what it means to be a United Methodist. But more importantly, let’s seek what it means to live in the midst of God’s unending grace and our response as Christ’s Church.


Everybody Always
September 4 – October 2
Rev. Tori Hastings

October 9 – November 6
Rev. Keith Thompson

What happens when we stop avoiding difficult people and simply love everyone? The path toward the outsized, unfettered, liberated existence we all long for is found in a truth as simple to say as it is hard to do: love people, even the difficult ones, without distinction and without limits. Come discuss the way to embodying love together guided by Bob Goff’s fun and insightful storytelling in his book Everybody Always


Invitation to the Old Testament
September 4 – October 23
Dr. Paul McCracken

Explore the Old Testament's story of God and the people of Israel. We will consider the text’s unique sections: Torah, history, prophets, and poetry. The experience is enhanced by two weekly videos in which you will gain insight from biblical scholars and explore the context in which the Bible is set. This is an ideal experience for adults who are interested in grounding their spiritual life in Scripture.  While participants gain a deeper understanding and appreciation of the Old Testament, the study is accessible for adults with little prior Bible experience.


Jesus in the Galilee
October 30 – December 4
Dr. Paul McCracken

Almost all of Jesus’ ministry took place in Galilee. It was here that he called his disciples, performed most of his miracles, and shared most of his teaching. This study will examine Jesus’ words and actions in their historical, cultural, and archaeological context. Come join us as we explore the text to learn “the rest of the story”. You will see many of Jesus’ deeds and teaching in a new and meaningful light.


Come to the Table
October 9 – November 13

You are invited to be a part of this special time of personal and relational growth. Share dinner with friends old and new, conversation, scripture study, and prayer though our guided series, beginning the week of October 13 – November 12. Resources will be available on line.


Universal Christ
October 16 – November 20
Dr. Blair Butler

Most know who Jesus was, but who was Christ? Is the word simply Jesus’s last name? Drawing on Scripture, history, and spiritual practice, this study will explore a transformative view of Jesus Christ as a portrait of God’s constant, unfolding work in the world. 


Knit Wits
August 28 – December 4

Enjoy a time of fellowship as we knit prayer shawls for those who are sick or in need of prayer support.


Old Testament: Genesis to Malachi
August 28 – December 4
Jordan Gervin

The course is a 24 week video study of the Old Testament as taught by Professor Amy Jill Levine, Old Testament professor at the Vanderbilt Divinity School.  The class will watch the 30 minute lectures by Professor Levine, and then follow up with discussion led by class leaders Jordan Gervin and Ernie Wood.

John, the Beloved
The writings of "The Beloved Apostle"
August 28 – December 4
Lisa Donnell

Come study the book of John in conversation with friends. Please bring your preferred translation of the Bible. We will read the text aloud and tear it into bite size pieces. No biblical knowledge is necessary.


Grief Care Groups 
September 4 – October 9 

These groups are a great encouragement for persons who have lost a loved one in the last year.  While each person’s grief is unique, there is great insight and understanding in connecting with others on the same path.  Using readings and discussion, we will have space to share and learn together.


Hope for the Future
Support for those hurt by the 2019 General Conference
October 9 – November 13

As Canterbury strives to offer real grace and real love in the midst of real life, we understand the hurt caused for many by the decisions of the 2019 General Conference of the Global United Methodist Church. In response, Hill Carmichael and Sheryl Thornton are facilitating a support group called Hope for the Future. This group offers comfort, conversation, and support for individuals and families who long for full inclusion of all God’s children and envision a more inclusive future for all. For more information, please contact Hill Carmichael ( or Sheryl Thornton (


Wednesday nights
children and youth

Join us for Family Dinner at Canterbury on Wednesdays! 
Served from 5:00 - 6:00 p.m. in Canterbury Hall.
Adults: $7   |    Youth & Children $3   |   Family Max $20



Nursery - Children 2 years and younger, Room C121

Lambs, 3K-4K
6:00 Choir, Room C213, Simon Classroom
6:30 Bible Study, Room C216, Mark Classroom.

5K, Choir and Bible Study
6:00 Bible Study, Room C209, Matthias Classroom
6:30 Choir, Room C213, Peter Classroom

1st - 5th Grade, Choir and Bible Study Rotation
6:00 Choir, Room C208, Hallelujah Hall for two Wednesday nights
6:00 Bible Study, Room C206, Phillip Classroom for one Wednesday night.
We will follow this pattern from August 28 through December 4. We feel that giving our children a full hour of music alternating with a full hour of Bible study will allow them to learn and grow in their faith.

RISE Students
Students will dive deeper into our faith and learn about Canterbury


Students will meet in the Youth Room (M109) after dinner and move into separate classrooms for Small Group Bible Studies. A variety of options will be offered for students in both Junior and Senior High.