We are a welcoming Christian community building lives of faith and service for Jesus Christ through life-transforming worship, learning and service.

Core Values

Our core values represent behaviors to which we will hold each other accountable. There are five core values that drive how we live in community with one another:


We passionately strive to stay focused on the life and teachings of Jesus. As we become followers of Jesus, we seek to honor God through living holy lives, by sharing the love and grace of God with all people and serving both the church and the world faithfully through the strengths and gifts God gives us. See Matthew 6:33.


We are a community aligned with the teaching and practices of John Wesley. Therefore, we believe in the Trinity - Father, Son, and Holy Spirit, the centrality of grace, the continued growth in personal and social holiness, and the primacy of Scripture, along with tradition, reason, and experience for practical and theological discernment. See Ephesians 2:8

Missionally Engaged

We are all missionaries, where everyone has a role in ministry in the church, to the community, and to the world. We give our time, money, and influence to the cause of Christ. See Matthew 25:31-46.

Openness to Learning

Recognizing there is always more to learn, we humbly seek God’s guidance as we study God’s Word and pray for discernment across all life stages and ages. We experience greater transformation when we choose the accountability of being in community with others through a Sunday school or Small Group. See Romans 12:2

Relationally Healthy

Being in relationship with God leads us to seek healthy relationships, both in the congregation and in the world. Honest, direct, and respectful communication defines our interactions with each other as we seek only and always to do the next loving thing. See John 13:34-35.

how we connect

Knowing God’s deep love for all people, we seek to:

  • Connect people to God through Worship

  • Connect people to one another through Learning

  • Connect people to God’s world through Service, beginning with our community and extending to the world


Biblical Interpretation

United Methodist theology views scripture as the inspired truth of God and believes it contains everything Christians need to know for living out our faith. We recognize that the Bible was written in a different time period with different cultural norms and values, and that it doesn’t specifically address every issue or situation believers may experience today. Therefore, we take the universal truths of Scripture and apply them to our current context, looking to Jesus as our primary lens of looking at Scripture.

Canterbury culture

At Canterbury, we want you to feel at home. Through close relationships, the study of scripture, education, and caring for others, our goal is to connect you to God, each other, and His world in a real and meaningful way. We want to be a place where you will meet Jesus exactly where you are. You will find a community of real people, led by leaders who express their real experiences to help renew and empower you to follow Him.  So no matter where you are in life we invite you to come as you are and to live for something greater. Join us!

History of Canterbury

Canterbury United Methodist Church began as a group of believers who felt a need for some type of spiritual community. This group of people began meeting together corporately in 1867. The North Alabama Conference designated a pastor to serve the growing congregation, and it was named Union Hill Methodist Church. After the leadership of several pastors, Union Hill Methodist Church merged with Mountain Brook Methodist Church and formed Canterbury United Methodist Church on October 10, 1948. Both churches relocated to the current location and the first building was dedicated on September 9, 1952. The current sanctuary was built in 1961. The Lord has blessed this congregation throughout the years, allowing it to grow into the strong body of loving and caring believers it is today.