Grace, simply put, is God’s presence in our lives. Sometimes we are aware of it. Sometimes we aren’t. Awareness requires intention. Praying with words or silence helps us to become aware of God’s presence in our lies.


Love is God’s grace lived out. Reading the Bible helps us know who God is and what God does so that we might live lives of love like Jesus.


Life is the gift of a relationship with God and one another. All of the small moments of our days are strung together to make up our life. Being ever grateful of our lives and others’ lives as gifts awakens us to the image of God firmly placed within each of us so that we might grow more fully into it moment by moment. Day by day. Life by life.

Canterbury culture

At Canterbury, we want you to feel at home. Through close relationships, the study of scripture, education, and caring for others, our goal is to connect you to God, each other, and His world in a real and meaningful way. We want to be a place where you will meet Jesus exactly where you are. You will find a community of real people, led by leaders who express their real experiences to help renew and empower you to follow Him.  So no matter where you are in life we invite you to come as you are and to live for something greater. Join us!

History of Canterbury

Canterbury United Methodist Church began as a group of believers who felt a need for some type of spiritual community. This group of people began meeting together corporately in 1867. The North Alabama Conference designated a pastor to serve the growing congregation, and it was named Union Hill Methodist Church. After the leadership of several pastors, Union Hill Methodist Church merged with Mountain Brook Methodist Church and formed Canterbury United Methodist Church on October 10, 1948. Both churches relocated to the current location and the first building was dedicated on September 9, 1952. The current sanctuary was built in 1961. The Lord has blessed this congregation throughout the years, allowing it to grow into the strong body of loving and caring believers it is today.