Canterbury UMC
Saturday, April 19, 2014

Our Staff

Senior Minister Dr. Bill Morgan 874-1527
Executive Minister Rev. Warren L. Nash 874-1555
Minister of Older Adults Rev. Leon Precise 874-1536
Minister of Counseling Dr. Dixon Mitchell 879-0202
Minister of Congregational Care
Rev. Sam Williamson 874-1540
Minister of the Teaching Academy Dr. Oliver Clark 868-6580
Minister of Contemporary Worship Rev. Julie Holly 874-1538
Minister of Young Adults & New Members Rev. Drew Clayton 874-1543
Minister of Radical Hospitality
Rev. Sheryl Thornton
Choirmaster & Organist Dr. Lester Seigel 874-1537
Director of Contemporary Worship & Music Patti Rush Williams 874-1545
Director of Worship, Music & Arts Carolyn Davis 874-1525
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Director of Child Development Center Kathy Loundsbury
CDC Associate Director of Program  Amanda Payne 874-1558
Director of Children's Ministry Susan Wilborn 874-1539
Children's Ministry Administrative Assistant Janice Dawson 874-1554
Children's Ministry Assistant (Primary & Early Elementary) Clayton Walton
Children's Ministry Assistant (Preschool) Amy Knight 868-6582
Children's Ministry Assistant (KingDOME & Older Elementary Gina Thomas 874-1557
Director of Day School Linda Wingo 874-1541
Assistant Director of Day School Jennifer Lehman 874-1541
Nursery Director Amanda Fuller 874-1546
Director of Student Ministries Stephen Ingram 874-1542
Program Staff
Sean Orr
868-6590 x 2327
Graduate Resident
Tina Boyd
Logistics Coordinator Sara Thetford 874-1522
Director of College Ministry Rev. Julie Holly 874-1538
Director of Learning Ministries- Young Adult & Singles Ministries Anne Skinner 874-1526
Director of Senior Adult Ministries Fran Gatch 874-1523
Director of Resource Center Ellen Thomas 874-1533
Director of Carpenter's Hands Adam Guthrie 874-1567
Assistant Director of Carpenter's Hands Brandy Motes 874-1567
Counseling Center Office Manager Cortney Dove
Director of Outreach & Missions Rachel Estes 874-1566
Director of Brown Bag Project           Susan Dowdey 874-1569
Executive Assistant to Dr. Morgan & Rev. Nash Susan Barnett 874-1521
Director of Communications Cris Brown 874-1524
Communications Coordinator Kim Gagnon 868-6585
Office & Database Administrative Assistant Gloria McClendon 874-1534
Desktop Publishing Keith Dunn
Financial Manager Jan Coats 874-1551
Financial Assistant Cece McNeil 874-1552
HR Manager/Financial Assistant Carolyn Phillips 874-1553
Director of Hospitality Ministries Debbie Lofton 874-1544
Maintenance/Housekeeping Bobby Holt 874-1530
Administrative Assistant/Memorials & Honoraria Ashley Collar 871-4695
Membership Assistant Becky King
Director of Operations Jim Lott      874-1547
Business Manager/Assistant Bldg Manager Laura Dabbs 874-1561
Wedding Coordinator Bette Owen 871-4695
Prayer Team Ministry
Fran Gatch 874-1523
Parish Nurse Lois Caldwell 868-6587
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