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Monday, April 21, 2014



Stop Hunger Now Haiti
March 16, 2014
On February 11-14, in spite of the worst snow storm to hit Birmingham in many years, more than 1,000 Canterburians and others in the community came to CUMC to pack almost ½ million meals for school children in Haiti and the Philippines.  And on March 10th, a group of five Canterburians traveled to Haiti to see the impact of that service in the lives of those school children.



Making a Difference - Video #4

Making a difference video #4



Service Day October 13, 2013

Members of Canterbury United Methodist Church went to Avondale Samaritan Place for a day of service.



Making a Difference - Video #3

Making a difference video #3



Making a Difference Now - Video 2

Making a difference Now video.



Making a Difference Now - Video 1

Making a difference Now video.


Journey of Paul
October 25 - November 8, 2012

How can I possibly summarize a lifetime trip for 25 pilgrims from Canterbury and Highlands and First Church Tuscaloosa and Covenant Presbyterian? How can I do justice to a pilgrimage that covered 15 days, about 12,000 air miles, 1,500 sea miles, and 2,000 years of history as we tried to follow the footsteps of St. Paul? Read more from  ...



Stop Hunger Now 2013

We didn't know that we really shouldn't be able to pack 500,000 meals in one place, so we did it anyway. It wasn't until the last two hours that we were told it had never been done. So Canterbury and our four sister churches put one in Stop Hunger Now's record book on February 20-21.



Stewardship 2012-2013........................

Stewardship 2012-2013 Campaign, Follow Jesus...Serve Others. See video.





Note Burning Celebration........................

Canterbury United Methodist Church's Note Burning Celebration was September 30, 2012. See video.





The Summers Family.........................

One courageous child overcoming the odds and a family embracing him every step of the way. The family thanks Canterburian members for staying by their side and helping them through it.





Stewardship Campaign

by April McAnnally, Laura Norred,
and David Higginbotham

We express God's love to others by the way we do our work, treat people, volunteer, and share our resources. See how three members of Canterbury have recently experienced the joy of loving their neighbors as themselves.



Reverse Offering

by many Canterbury members

During worship services several months ago, Canterburians were encouraged to take a gift of $10 from the church and share that gift with someone in the name of Jesus Christ. Click here to see some of the ways we enjoyed sharing and loving our neighbors as ourselves.



Holy Land Journey

by Warren Nash

The best-case outcome scenario of a Holy Land journey is not the snapshots and souvenirs with which you return, but a changed heart.  Watch the story to see what a powerful impact this journey had on our members.

Click here to see the Israel Trip's blog and photos.



Carpenter's Hands: Personal Story

by Ann Mewbourne and John Bryant

(brother and sister)

Carpenter's Hands has helped many families cope with life's difficult circumstances. Click here to see what a wonderful difference it has made for one brother and sister.



Stop Hunger Now

by Rachel Estes

On February 2011, Canterbury volunteers of all ages gathered together and packed more than 140,000 meals for distribution to children in Hundorus. Click here to find out more about this inspiring program.



Knit Wits

by Gerrie Hansford

This past January, Canterbury's Knit Wits presented their 1,000th prayer shawl to "someone in need of a caring touch." Each of these shawls serves as a very real, physical reminder of christ's love and the love of his church.

Ever since Knit Wits was first organized in March of 2005, its 24 members have given colorful, handmade shawls to...MORE



The Brown Bag Project

by Susan Dowdey

The experiences and opportunities that we are blessed with at Canterbury are too numerous to count. We are all quilty of glossing over the joy and beauty right in front of us and perhaps take it all for granted. But if you could see the awe in the faces of people who come to Brown Bag on Fridays, you'd begin to open up your own heart and see...MORE



Sr. High Mission Trip:

New Orleans

by Cole Dunn and Graham Spencer

Canterbury's Senior High Mission Trip will return to New Orleans, June 19-26, 2011, to help rebuild houses damaged by Hurricane Katrina. This will mark the third consecutive year that more than 100 of Canterbury's Senior High youth will work hand-in-hand with the amazing people at St. Bernard Project.



Mission: Panama

by Katherine & Sam Williams

We went from the airport in Alabama to the one in Houston, and then we flew from that one to the one in Panama. Then we got on a bus and drove through the jungle to get to where we were staying. It was dark when we got there an there was no electricity, so we had to use the bus lights to find our way. And that was a little bit of an adventure trying to get everything set up in the dark. but we made it.

On the first day when we first saw the Panamanians, a lot of them were sitting next to their family and trying to test us and see if we were going to be nice to them or what...MORE

Click here to see the Panama 2011 Trip Blog.



The Christmas Miracle

by Rachel Estes, Director of Outreach

A few years ago a friend had given me several Christmas cards that weren't being used and asked me if i could find something to do with them. I always take anything that anyone will give me because inevitably something will come up and I will need it. I ended up finding a need...MORE



Carpenters Hands Volunteering

by Laura Norred

My name is Laura Norred and I am a recent participant in the Carpenter's Hand's Ministry here at Canterbury Methodist Church. Carpenter's Hands is something I had wanted to participate in for years, but always...MORE



Reaching Outside Yourself to Someone

Who Needs a Helping Hand

by Beth Sticher

After a devastating fire at our home destroying about 70% of the house and contents on August 10, Ronnie and I found ourselves on the receiving end of the Canterbury family's helping hand. Friends were there immediately as the firemen put out the blaze...MORE