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Friday, April 18, 2014

Beeson Trust Canterbury United Methodist Church, Mountain Brook, Alabama, to apply to the relief of the needy elderly of Jefferson County, Alabama, including medical treatment...

Last Will and Testament of Lucille Stewart Beeson, January 8, 2001

The Beeson Committee at Canterbury is working hard each quarter to find ways to help the “needy, elderly, including medical treatment, in Jefferson County.” That is the purpose for which Mrs. Beeson gave money to be administered by the Canterbury Beeson Trust.

Each quarter we accept grant applications, plan site visits to the requesting organizations, and then meet to discuss and decide which agencies or programs most fit with our understanding of Mrs. Beeson’s will.

We have decided for now to concentrate on several areas of concern: Health, housing, basic necessities, education and advocacy and transportation.

If you are interested in applying for a grant and would like to download the guidelines for applying, CLICK HERE.

For additional information, you may call the church office at (205) 871-4695.

Sandy Killion,
Chairperson, Lucille Beeson Trust Committee

The Beeson Fund: A major responsibility for Canterbury to fund projects for the Needy Elderly in Jefferson County.

Beeson Update 6/11/13


 Thanks to the generous gift of Lucille Beeson, the Beeson Trust Team receives over $800,000 a year to help the needy elderly of Jefferson County. The Beeson Trust Team met June 11th and approved over $120,000 in grant requests. The following grants were approved:


Jefferson County Council on Aging:

$5,000 for emergency assistance funding to needy, elderly clients in Jefferson County


Beeson Senior Services:

$25,000 for case management services for the needy elderly in a 5 mile radius of Urban Ministry.


M-Power Ministries:

$35,000 to assist with healthcare for the elderly.


Oasis – A Women’s Counseling Center:

$7,500 for assisting with mental health services for the elderly.


PEER – East Lake United Methodist Church:

$49,976 for assistance with hot lunches and fruit basket program.


Regional Planning Commission of Greater Birmingham – Medicaid Waiver Program:

$10,000 for emergency aid for the elderly.


Urban Ministry:

$1076 for paint for the Joe Rush Program.


Carpenter’s Hands:

$15079 for supplies for the 1rst quarter 2013


Our Team Members are very active with our grant recipients staying in regular contact with the agency to discuss current program needs, suggest networking opportunities, and to anticipate future needs.

If you are interested in learning more about the Canterbury Beeson Committee, call Sandy Killion at 879.8611.