Canterbury UMC
Wednesday, April 16, 2014

The Gathering


 Each week, young adults gather for

faith conversation, mission,

& authentic relationships. 

** NO GATHERING 5/1/13 **  

FAQs about “The Gathering”
What is The Gathering?  
We are young adults striving for authentic Christian living. That kind of "real" life is only possible in community.  So each week we gather to pray.  We gather to read the Bible.  We gather to share honest questions about God.  And we gather to serve others through risky mission.
Who is in The Gathering?  
Young adults from age 22-30.  If you’ve been frustrated or burned by the church, The Gathering is especially for you.  Open, honest, non-judgmental conversation allows fresh ways to encounter God. 

When is The Gathering?  
Wednesday nights at 6:30 in room M118 at Canterbury United Methodist Church in Birmingham, AL.
What should I expect when I arrive?  
A warm welcome from folks who come as they are.  You’ll see grad students in scrubs, young professionals in suits worn straight from the office, and others dressed to work out or play in a Wednesday night kickball league.  Come as you are! 

How can I join the conversation?  
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