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Wednesday, April 16, 2014




Opportunities for Service at Canterbury 

At Canterbury, service takes many forms. Our Outreach ministry allows members to become the hands and feet of Christ in the world. Faith in action is one way of spreading God's love to others in our community and beyond. Whether it's repairing houses, helping teach a child math, serving a hungry person a hot meal, or building a school in Panama, there is an activity available for everyone who feels the call to respond to Jesus' love for us by serving others.

Through our Inreach Ministry, we reach out to our own people at Canterbury to help them become disciples of Christ. Whether it's sending a note to someone who needs some hope and encouragement, serving communion to a homebound member, or pairing a person going through a struggle with a Stephen Minister who will assist however needed, our Intreach team is caring for and ministering to a vital group of people at Canterbury — our own members.

For more information on Canterbury's Outreach or Inreach Ministries, contact Rachel Estes at 205/874-1566 or by email at




Last Will and Testament of Lucille Stewart Beeson, January 8, 2001

The Beeson Committee at Canterbury is working hard each quarter to find ways to help the “needy, elderly, including medical treatment, in Jefferson County.” That is the purpose for which Mrs. Beeson gave money to be administered by the Canterbury Beeson Trust.

Each quarter we accept grant applications, plan site visits to the requesting organizations, and then meet to discuss and decide which agencies or programs most fit with our understanding of Mrs. Beeson’s will.  Learn more.



Our food pantry ministry, Brown Bag Project, provides complete meal bags filled with nutritious staple goods to aid families or individuals who find themselves in need of food. They may come to us twice a month on any Friday. . We gather together in Canterbury Hall- doors open at 8 a.m. Registration begins are 10 a.m. and light refreshments are served while they wait. Meal bags are distributed at 11:00. Bags are limited each week, so they are given out on a first come, first served basis. Only those present may receive a meal bag. Please visit the Brown Bag webpage to find out more information.

We are always looking for volunteers to pack and distribute the Brown Bags. 
Learn more about how to volunteer.



Carpenter's Hands Ministry is a low-income, housing repair ministry of Canterbury United Methodist Church. Carpenter's Hands conducts its business much like a small construction or home repair company with a few crucial differences: 

  • The repairs are completed in the name of Jesus Christ by our words and our actions
  • The work force is comprised primarily of volunteers with a few paid staff for direction and support
  • Home repairs are for the elderly and low-income families and are at no cost to the home owner 



The mission of the Church & Society Team is congruent with the “life-transforming goal of Canterbury: To encourage life-transforming Christian leadership and faith in action that promotes peace and social justice, beginning in our own community, and extending around the world. Read more.



The mission of the Counseling Center is to provide competent spiritual and psychological therapy for individuals and families experiencing stress and situational problems. Empowering individuals and families to live the vision of Christ, who said, "I have come that you might have life and have it more abundantly," has been the focus of the counseling program since its inception. 



Responding to the immediate needs following local, statewide and regional disasters.  Check here for ways you can help, workdays and areas we are concentrating our efforts after disaster strikes.



Inreach is Canterburians caring for each other and includes the work of Hearts and Hands for Canterburians, Stephen Ministries and many other groups within the Canterbury family. 



Your main resource for upcoming Mission Trip Information; including a check list, forms to download and fill out, a rough itinerary, packing list and disclaimer to help make all the prep work for entering in on this adventure a little easier and organized.

If you have any questions please contact Rachel Estes at 874-1566 or

View the journal and photos of the 2011 Panama Mission Trip to get a preview of the amazing work Canterbury is doing in the world



Participate in service to those in need locally, regionally, and globally. Canterbury Outreach Ministries provide funds and servants for twenty-seven local and six international organizations, and ten percent of Canterbury’s total budget is devoted to ministry efforts outside the church.



The Prayer Ministry Team here at Canterbury spends time every weekday in prayer with the concerns and celebrations of our congregation and our community. Every month over 60 people give their time, energy and faithfulness to undergird the life of Canterburians and of Canterbury with intentional prayer. The Prayer Ministry at Canterbury enters into the life and living of those we know and even those don't know.  

Make your prayer requests here.



There are many opportunities at Canterbury, if you would like to serve through any of the volunteer opportunities please read through the options and we'll get you in touch with the correct person to answer your questions and help you get started. 



Anyone who knits or crochets and believes in the power of intercessory prayer is encouraged to become a part of the Knit Wits. Only the most basic abilities are needed. Supplies and instructions are provided. Learn more about this group.



UMW members are involved through prayer, giving, attending meetings, study, action, or service. Once a month the members meet in small groups called "circles". Each circle engages in two annual studies: a Spiritual Growth (Bible-based) study, and a Global Concern (or mission) study. Learn more about this great group of Christian women.

This year's spiritual growth study is on opening our hearts to the gift of faith through Jesus Christ. The mission study will focus on a narrative of the history and present issues from a Native American Indian perspective or some will study issues concerning Israel and Palestine. All enjoy special speakers, good food, and great fellowship.  


Community Wide Events

Please check back for Upcoming Community Wide Service Opportunities