Canterbury UMC
Saturday, April 19, 2014

Brown Bag at Canterbury's Meal Bag Check List

  • No glass containers please. Smaller sizes are best for a good fit into one grocery bag.
  • Donations may be brought to Canterbury's reception area for drop-off.  
Brown Bag Food List
2   cans of fruit (ex. sliced pears/fruit cocktail)
2   cans of meat dinner (ex. ravioli/ chicken & dumplings)
2   cans of vegetable (ex. any green veggie /yellow corn/ black-eye peas / yams)
2   cans of tuna packed in water
2   cans of soup (chicken noodle/tomato or vegetable beef) please no cream soups
1   box or 2 packets of instant potatoes
1   box or bag of rice
1   box of macaroni and cheese
1   box of saltine crackers
1   box of Bisquick or biscuit/cornbread mix
1   jar of peanut butter
1   box of cereal or instant oatmeal
The Brown Bag Project
Fighting Hunger - Feeding Hope