About the KingDOME

The KingDOME is our Sunday School program for fourth and fifth grade children at CanterburyUnited Methodist Church. It is a modified workshop rotation model plan. That means that lessons are taught in units, with classes rotating to a different "workshop" each week of the unit. The KingDOME also includes quarterly mission opportunities, known as KingDOME-ONE (Outreach Needs Everyone), and a monthly community Bible study for fourth and fifth graders, First Friday.

DOME is an acronym for Disciples Of the Modern Era. Our organizing theme is that of a SuperDOME. For example, the teachers who stay with a class of children all the time and who are responsible for nurturing, are called "ushers". The name tags are called "VIP passes". Room numbers are referred to as "gates". And so on...

Our Mission

Making Disciples Of the Modern Era - Thy Kingdom come, Thy will be done on earth as it is in heaven.

Our Vision

To support children in becoming members of the Kingdom of God, and disciples of Christ, through age-appropriate, creative, and inspirational education, and through emotional and spiritual support.

Our Goals

• To prepare children for Confirmation by giving them a framework of major Bible stories, concepts, and teachings of Jesus.

• To provide children Christian fellowship and a support group for their growth as Christians.

• To help children feel comfortable and confident in using their Bibles to better know God.

• To help each child to see himself as a vital part of the Kingdom of God and to know his own importance in helping the kingdom “to come on earth.”                                                                                       

Our Values

• Respectful of the individual child and his gifts and needs

• Bible Based

• Application Oriented

• Kingdom Building

• Fun

First Friday

First Friday is a community Bible Study offered for all fourth and fifth graders. We have snacks, games, Bible Study, and more games. Fun is our middle name. First (Fun) Friday!!!

First Friday is held on the first Friday of the month during the school year.  All fourth and fifth graders are invited!!  Parents may register a child by calling 874-1557 .  Guests, visitors, and new First Friday members are welcome at any time!  Come spend a Friday afternoon with friends old and new as we practice being disciples!!!
Drop off kids for First Friday at 3:15 at the double porte-cochere, and pick them up at the same place at 4:30.



Come!  And bring lots of friends!

We look forward to seeing you!