Canterbury UMC
Sunday, April 20, 2014

Church and Society Team

Come Join Us!

The mission of Canterbury is to be a welcoming Christian community building lives of faith and service for Jesus Christ through life-transforming worship, learning, and service.  Canterbury has ministry teams, led by a layperson, working in each of these areas to fulfill this mission.  We can be proud of the exciting work being done in each of these areas to make a difference in people’s lives in our church and community.

The mission of the Church & Society Team is congruent with the “life-transforming goal of Canterbury: To encourage life-transforming Christian leadership and faith in action that promotes peace and social justice, beginning in our own community, and extending around the world.  The Team  seeks to accomplish this by:

  • Identifying and highlighting the Bible’s call to people of faith to promote social justice and civic righteousness.
  • Promoting a sense of Christian obligation to thoughtfully consider and involve ourselves in social issues.
  • Raising awareness of social issues both within our congregation and among civic leaders and politicians.
  • Fostering thoughtful debate and respect for differing opinions on social issues.
  • Promoting analysis of social issues through "the eyes of Christ."
  • Advancing a belief within Canterbury that as Christians we have an obligation to exercise our faith as we live and work in society.

In the past two years the Team has: led sessions on the Social Principles of the United Methodist Church on Wed. nights and in various Sunday School classes; sponsored the Forum on the Intersection of Faith and Society in the spring of 2008; sponsored the Building Bridges in Birmingham…with Laughter event, featuring the Jewish/Muslim/Christian Comedy Team in the spring of 2009.

If you would like to learn more about this ministry or become a member of the Team, contact Brannon Buck ( or Oliver Clark ( or 868-6580).