Canterbury UMC
Thursday, April 24, 2014

Brown Bag at Canterbury Volunteers

The success of The Brown Bag Project at Canterbury depends on it's volunteers!
Thank you for your interest in this ministry. 
Please fill out this form and push the VOLUNTEER NOW button at the bottom of this page. It will be sent by email to Susan Dowdey, The Brown Bag Project Coordinator. Either she or the Volunteer Coordinator will contact you with more information.
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Here are some tips to help you get the most out of your volunteer experience:

  • Volunteering to help with the meal bags requires a lot of people. Any age, and size can do something to help.
  • Packers need to trust that packing the meal bags is a well thought-out process! Take your time and follow the proven system. It works! Not to mention it's really fun!
  • Hospitality servers need to be ready to work by 9:00 a.m. in the dining room to prepare the food on trays. Volunteers also help serve the food or help clients who are disabled.
  • Greeters stand at the entrance and exit doors to assist new clients and make them feel welcome, help older clients to their tables, assist clients with their food or drink, and talk with the clients. Peggy Rafield is Hospitality Coordinator, phone: 616-0316.
  • Bag Distributors need to be in the church reception area no later than 10:15. Clients are dismissed at 11:00 to go to their cars. Each carload has blue number cards that represents the number of bags they should receive. Distribution area is under the porte-cochere in the front of the church. A Brown Bag Team Leader direct volunteers to go to a car, take the numbers from the clients, and get another volunteer to bring that number of bags to the car.
  • When you volunteer for The Brown Bag Project, you are asked to put aside any prejudices or judgmental thoughts and simply humble yourself as if you are serving Christ himself. In Matthew 25:35, Jesus laid the foundation on which we built this community ministry. We hope in some small way that you are changed by the principles behind The Brown Bag Project Ministries. You are making an impact on every client you serve. We thank you for your caring and compassionate spirit!

Contact: Susan Dowdey, Director- or call 874-1569 for more information.