Canterbury UMC
Thursday, April 24, 2014

New Traditions Worship

The words “new” and “tradition” may not sound as though they go together. Yet, there are many traditions of the ancient church that are being rediscovered. Many of these traditions are new to us even though they go back hundreds of years to the earliest worship practices of the church. NEW TRADITIONS explores many of these practices of the ancient Christian Church. By rediscovering our roots in the ancient church we will grow even more in our faith and practice as United Methodist Christians. 
NEW TRADITIONS is a service of Word, Table and Song. This service continues the ancient practice of proclaiming the Word of God and provides the means of sharing the Grace of God as we receive the sacrament of Holy Communion. Every Sunday there is a consistent balance between proclaiming the Word and receiving the Sacrament. 

Music is integral to our worship. A choral ensemble singing both familiar songs as well as new ones leads NEW TRADITIONS. In keeping with the New Traditions practice, the  music comes from both the United Methodist Hymnal and the Upper Room Worship Book, graciously provided by Canterbury United Methodist Women. Responses and prayers are often sung rather  than spoken. Children are welcome in this service, indeed one of the favorite hymns in this service is from the Upper Room Worship Book and entitled "All are Welcome"

It is part of our mission at Canterbury to offer life-transforming worship. You are invited to come to NEW TRADITIONS and witness your life being transformed into the image and likeness of Christ as we encounter Him through Word, Table and Song.