Canterbury UMC
Thursday, April 24, 2014

Hearts & Hands for Canterburians

Hearts:  The joys & sorrows of every Canterburian’s life
 Hands:  Canterburians caring for each other

An important part of the mission work of Canterbury is looking within our church family and together sharing life’s joys and sorrows. Hearts & Hands for Canterburians is an ongoing effort to foster and encourage Canterburians to share God’s love by better caring for each other. It encourages members to put their passions into action. Through Hearts & Hands for Canterburians, members grow in Christ through service to others.

Presently, the following ministries are actively caring.  Please join us…

Note-writing Team:  Members remember life events of other Canterburians by writing them a personal, handwritten note.  Births, baptisms, deaths, birthdays and illnesses are examples of such events.

Homebound Communion Team:  Once a month, Canterburians serve Holy Communion to members unable to come to church.  Most of these members are confined in a nursing or retirement home or to their home with assistance.  Communion is served at the request of the member.

Adoption Team:  Canterbury has identified precious senior members living in a retirement/nursing facility or confined to their home.  These members are “adopted” by an individual or Canterburian family.  “Adopters” visit the senior twice a monthly and stay in touch with them by phone or cards.

Casserole Team:  When a Canterburian experiences a death in their immediate family, Canterbury provides a delicious casserole.  A member of our Casserole Team makes the delivery to the Canterburian.

Ministerial Hospital Visitation:  When a Canterburian is hospitalized and the church is notified, one of our ministers makes a daily visit (except Saturday and Sunday) during their hospital stay.

Hospital Telephone Follow-up Team:  After a Canterburian is discharged from a hospital, a member of the Hospital Telephone Follow-up Team telephones them to obtain an update and to determine if Canterbury needs to provide further service.

Support Group for Caregivers of People with Dementia:  A support group for family and/or caregivers of Canterburians suffering with dementia meets monthly at Canterbury.  The group meets the first Wednesday night of every month from 6:15 to 7:30 p.m. in the church parlor.

Ministerial Visitation of Seniors:  Our entire ministerial staff participates in a program in which every Canterburian residing in a nursing/retirement facility or confined to their own home is visited.

Grief Companions:  When a Canterburian’s spouse dies, a member of the Grief Companions Team contacts that member offering love, encouragement, support and recommendations regarding available support groups in the community, assistance, etc.

Other ministries are being carefully explored.  These include a support group for parents of special needs children, a support group for caregivers to a Canterburian with cancer, a support group for Canterburians in the “sandwich generation,” caring for a family and aging parents and a support group for new parents.

We warmly welcome and encourage you to be a part of Hearts and Hands for Canterburians  For more information about any phase of these ministries, please contact:

Ashley Collar
(205) 871-4695

Mary Louise King
(205) 870-5028